Our wealth management proposition currently consists of 5 risk based model portfolios. Each portfolio employs a combination of all of the following philosophies in managing wealth:


The core to any Portfolio is “Diversification”, and our lower risk strategies simply attempt to “Own as much of the World” as possible. In order to achieve this we will invest in Bonds, Equities, Property and Alternative assets such as Gold.  We do this in an “intelligent way”, where we have the ability to change the exposure within each asset class depending on the performance. For example, if inflation linked bonds are outperforming in the Bond section then we will increase exposure.

 Intelligent Fund Selection

When we populate client portfolios with actively managed funds, we are not solely looking at the past performance, but analysing the whole market place to try and select the “future winning funds”. This means that we look at lots of different criteria such as the risk they have taken, how much they fell during the bad times and how consistent their returns are. By analysing all these factors and more we believe that we have a much better chance of selecting funds that will consistently perform well in the future.

Using Academic Research to beat the benchmark

Academic research has shown that if you follow a systematic method for investing, you will significantly outperform against the benchmark. For example, research by the Cass Business School has shown that if you combine a number of “factor” ETF’s in the US market you can beat the S&P500 by at least 1.5% per annum. One of the main factors we will use is momentum. Momentum is simply investing more money in those asset classes/regions that are demonstrating the strongest recent returns. Academic research has once again proved that if you follow this strategy then returns over the long run have been significantly higher than just by equal weighting a portfolio.

An Intelligent oversight

By applying an intelligent but common sense approach to the processes behind building the portfolio we attempt to protect your wealth by rigorously analysing each component part of the portfolio and making changes if part of it isn’t working.  For example, in the diversified part of the portfolio we will allocate more wealth to those asset classes that are performing the strongest and reduce exposure to those asset classes that are falling in value.

The value of investments may fall as well as rise. You may get back less than you originally invested.

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