Final salary pension schemes are a benefit setup by an employer to provide employees with an income during retirement. The pension amount will depend on the time served in the scheme, earnings before retirement and the particulars of the scheme itself.

Perceived wisdom has been to hold on to these benefits and it’s easy to see why. Final salary pension schemes provide a guaranteed income for life with little risk and without effort.

However, some individuals find that transferring to a bespoke personal pension arrangement is more suitable for their individual situation.

In order to protect members of these schemes it is now a legal requirement to get properly qualified advice on a transfer (over £30,000) before it is executed.

When considering this, finding a good adviser who is currently authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), and who you can trust and work with is key.

Not all financial advisers are qualified, permissioned or able to undertake this work; but we are.

You can check this on the FCA’s firms register at:

On the Firms page check their permissions include:

Advising on Pension Transfers and Pension Opt Out


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