Pensions & Retirement

At any stage of your life we can help you plan for when you retire. We guide you through the range of investment strategies that are appropriate for your current situation and aspirations. We also have the technical expertise required for consolidation and transfer projects if your pension arrangements are more complicated.

Savings & Investments

How best to save, what tax-efficient savings plans are available? As an independent firm we are free to offer an unbiased view on saving and investment across the whole of market. This position allows us to deliver tailored investment strategies and work with investments or tax structures you may already have in place.

Wealth Management

Our wealth management proposition currently consists of 5 risk based model portfolios. Each portfolio employs a combination of all of the following philosophies in managing wealth: diversification; intelligent fund selection; using academic research to beat the benchmark and an intelligent oversight. Read on to understand more about our investment philosophy and to see how we perform.

Finances & Divorce

There are many issues to consider when separating from your partner. At Catalpa we understand divorce and separation can be complex and demanding on both a personal and financial level. We are able to work closely with you and your solicitor to help look after your best financial interests and to protect your future lifestyle and income.

Financial Planning

Financial planning isn’t about managing your money; it’s about identifying your objectives, aspirations and priorities; and creating a financial plan to meet those goals. Working with industry leading financial planning software we can help build a financial plan that looks at all the interrelated parts of your financial life, and enables you to move towards achieving your goals.

Estate Planning

Without careful planning inheritance tax can have a substantial impact on what assets you can pass on to your family. Fortunately there are a number of ways to mitigate inheritance tax with different solutions available to suit divergent priorities and situations. We can help explain the various options and strategies designed to protect your hard earned wealth.


Financial products are sometimes at their most useful when they are protecting our families, our incomes or our property. Whilst insuring ourselves against an undesirable event such as sickness or even death may not be a pleasant thing to think about, the benefit of being able to set financial issues aside at emotionally difficult times cannot be overlooked.


No matter how long you’ve been in business we can help with advice on how to structure and protect the business. When considering purchasing a commercial property, or land, through a pension scheme we can advise on how to structure the scheme; and explain the benefits, pitfalls and viability of such a plan.

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